About Us

Burjeel is a high-tech medical tourism company which established to make health tourism easy for you. Through Burjeel web-portal, we link you with the top medical facilities, clinics, and doctors. You could easily get second opinions or treatment plans just by clicks.

Burjeeltour Medical Tourism

Burjeel is a medical tourism company, we are serving patients to obtain the best international medical technologies that are financially appropriate in the best hospitals offered.
Our wide network makes sure to deal with the best qualified hospitals with the best medical staff which are able to use the best modern technologies and deals with doctors who have a global reputation in their field in order to provide superior care to the patient. The prices are lower than Europe, and the beautiful thing is that there is no waiting period for serving.
Our company adopts a transparent pricing policy that guarantees you that there are no hidden costs of which you have no prior knowledge.

  • Our company provides adequate support for patients through linguistic support that is deceased in all languages and by providing care staff consisting of fluent Arabic and English speakers.

  • The company can find low-cost, high-quality treatment opportunities that are suitable for everyone’s budget.
  • Our patients are our prime concern. We provide high-quality medical care through our qualified and certified hospitals.
Our Vision

As Burjeel, our vision is to be the most reliable and most transparent health tourism company that provides service with best hospitals, clinics and doctors in Turkey.

Our Mission

As Burjeel, our mission is to connect all the patients with hospitals or clinics that provide the highest quality, most reliable and affordable prices for their treatment.

Why Choose Us?

We strive to provide an affordable and delightful medical tourism experience. Our aim is to assist people in medical and financial distress to have successful medical outcomes.

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We work with some of the best hospitals and clinics in Turkey.

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We work with some of the best and modern hospitals in Turkey.

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We get in touch with highly qualified and well experienced doctors.

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